Alpha leaders are the ones that leads the pack, keeps them safe and makes the decisions that they think good for their packs. Leaders:

Alpha Leaders

Western Pack

Winston - Alpha male, father of Kate and Lilly

Eve - Alpha female, mother of Kate and Lilly

Kate (Sequel//Leader of Jasper Pack) - Alpha female, daughter of Winston and Eve.

Eastern Pack

Tony - Alpha male, father of Garth

Garth (Sequel//Leader of Jasper Pack) - Alpha male, son of Tony, mate of Lilly.


As second in rank, they are the pack's elites and toughest wolves. They mostly do the scouting and other major duties that keeps the pack safe. Notable alphas:

Hutch - Second in command of the Western Pack.

Can-Do - Hutch's partner.

Claw - Female Eastern Alpha.

Scar - Male Eastern Alpha.

Kate - Main character,mates with Humphrey. Future Alpha leader.

Garth - Formerly destined to lead the united pack. Mates with Lilly. Future Leader(Maybe)


Not mentioned but there might be.


Many wolves in the pack are mid-ranked. Neither Alpha/Beta or Omega.These wolves are called Gammas.


Omegas: peacekeepers of the pack, they are the lowest ranking, but one of the most important ranks of the pack. They help keep the peace and reminds the pack to have fun. Notable Omegas:

Humphrey - Main character. Mates with Kate at the end.

Shakey - Humphrey's friend.

Salty - Humphrey's friend.

Mooch - Humphrey's friend.

Reba and Janice - Vegetarians.

Sweets and Candy - Fur Lovers

Lilly - Main Character. Mates with Garth at the end.