He is a big strong Alpha and is leader of the Western Pack.


Don't worry, she knows.




Canis Lupus






Jasper Park, Canada


Western//Jasper(Movie ending)




Eve(Mate), Kate(First Daughter), Lilly(Second Daughter), Humphrey(Son-in-law), Garth(Son-in-law), Tony(Brother-in-law)

== He is the leader of the Western pack with two daughters: Kate, who is a Alpha wolf, and Lilly, who is a Omega wolf. To avoid violence with the Eastern Pack, he agrees to make Kate marry Garth. He is also Eve's mate.==

During the movie


Winston is first seen in the movie right after Humphrey and Kate see each other. Winston tells Kate it is time to leave for Alpha school, and Tells Humphrey that He and Kate cannot be together, as well as telling him his duties as a Omega. Of course he had to stop Humphrey from getting distracted, so he usually blocks Humphrey's view of Kate.

Kate's First Hunt

Winston is seen right after Kate's hunt goes awry, angry with the eastern wolves who disrupted her hunt, causing the caribou to escape and cause a stampede that nearly costed the lives of his pack's own hunting party. He angrily orders the Eastern wolves to leave and called the Western hunt group back to the den, of course he praised that the Omegas stopped the fight.

Tony's Meeting

He arranges a meeting with the head Alpha of the Eastern pack, Tony, and asks him why the Eastern wolves have been hunting in western pack territory.

Missing of Kate

Tony explains him that their territory is barren, and that they should unite the packs through marriage, through their two children, Kate and Garth. He agrees, but when he leaves, He finds Kate, who is eavesdropping. He was about to tell her but Kate interrupted him, saying that she knows and that's her responsibility.

When Kate went missing, he and the rest of the pack stands by at the border to face the Eastern Pack wolves, just as matters were getting intense(Where Eve loses it and threatens Tony), Winston and Eve's youngest daughter, Lilly suggests that she show Garth around while Kate is away. By that, Tony gives Kate till the full moon.

Full Moon

When the moon was almost full, and there was still no sign of Kate ,Winston decides that they must defend their territory and orders Hutch to ready the others. Later, when the moon is full, both packs rallied at the sides of a rocky valley, prepared for war. The two Alpha leaders stepped up to argue but was later interrupted by the vegetarian Omegas Reba and Janice, but after that, they continued.

The Marriage

When Kate came back to marry Garth, she failed at the last part of the wolf marriage ritual, Winston walks up and asks why, when she say she fell in love with an Omega (Humphrey), he was shocked. Asking his mate, Eve, for help, the Western leader seems to be hopeless as his mate just nods and describes her expression by fainting a couple of times.

Stampede and Requiem

As Tony came up to laugh at his daughter's stupidity, Garth admits that he is also in love with an Omega(Lilly) and that was the last straw. Enraged, Tony declared war on the Western pack and they battled.

As the fight continues, some unknown reason triggered a Stampede. The stampede was first spotted by Kate and she warns everyone. Noticing his daughter's warnings, Winston looks as well and so did Tony. They later told all the wolves to scatter to the sides of the valley, but then Tony had a cracked disk in his back, immobilizing him. Winston then helps Tony but get's himself trapped in front of the stampede with Tony.

The Finale

After the stampede, an unconscious Kate was seen lying there. Humphrey tried to wake her up but failed to do so. Not long later, all the wolves gathered sadly around the seemingly dead Kate. Humphrey finally tells her what he has been keeping inside him; 'I love you' and started to howl in Requiem for her. Winston, touched by how deep Kate and Humphrey's feelings were, howled the second. Soon all wolves joined in.

Then, a miracle happens; Kate wakes up! Later, the two young lovers shared secrets to each other. Winston decides to let the union of the two packs rest with Lilly and Garth. Tony was first not sure about it but was forced to agree when Eve threateningly growls at him. Both couples then rubbed noses to symbolize that they're mates and all the wolves cheered.

Winston then asks Tony what would two old retired wolves do, and that's when Marcel introduces Golf to the two old wolves.

Winston was later seen with Eve finding a good spot to 'Show these youngsters how to howl'. And somehow made Eve very excited.


He is mildly calm, and tries to help lead his pack the best he can. He also treats a problem as best it is suited, even if it means breaking pack law. Winston also seems to be much calmer than his mate Eve.


  • People thought Winston and Humhprey are related before the release of the movie.
  • The color on his tail have less loss of color than Tony, meaning that Winston may be younger than Tony