Leader of the Eastern Pack Wolves. He is the father of Garth.

I won't let my pack starve to death Winston. If we have to, we'll fight for the valley.




Canis Lupus(Wolf)




Jasper Park, Canada




Alpha Leader, Retired




Garth(Son), Lilly and Kate(Daughters-in-law), Winston(Brother-in-law), Eve(Sister-in-law)

== Tony is the leader of the Eastern Pack, he was forced to choose between arranging marriage for his son to his rival pack's daughter, or fight.==


The Meeting

He was first seen at the secret meeting between the two pack leaders. They first greeted each other, and they seem to know each other quite well. Tony jumps over the border stream but cracks the disk in his back and whines about it.

They started discussing about the reason Tony's hunt group went into their territory. As they discussed, the

Tony then tells Winston that Garth is ready, and asks if Kate was too. Winston bluffly says yes and that she knows her resposibility, assuring Tony. Tony then suggests that the two youngsters meet at the Moonlight Howl, and that ended their meeting.tensions became bigger until tony mentions an arranged marriage. He said it was Winston's first idea, that he announced it to his pack but did he?

Pack Meeting

When Kate went missing, the two packs assembled at the border; None crossed the stream. Tony aggressively asks where did Kate go and starts the troubles. As tension rose, the wolves all ready to battle.

Then Eve steps up and threatens every Eastern wolves nearby. Saying that if anyone hurts her daughter, she would personally rip their eyes out, shove them down their throats so they could see her tear their carcasses open, making everyone back up a bit and even made one to faint.

It's about time they start to fight when Lilly suggests that she could show Garth around while Kate was away. Garth reluctantly agrees with the help of Eve forcing him. With that, Tony gives Kate until the full moon to come back.

The Full Moon

It was time, and Kate was yet to be found, so the two packs prepared for battle. Both packs gathered at a rock valley, their growls fills the air. The two leaders walk up front and Tony announces to Winston; "It's the full moon, Winston!" And Winston replies that he could see that. They argued a bit more and got interrupted by the two vegetarian Omegas Reba and Janice.

A moment later, as the battle begins, Kate appears and stops the conflict. She then explains her absence and Tony comes out with Garth to remind Kate who she needs to marry. Kate says yes and announces to unite the pack under her and Garth's marriage.

As everyone cheered, both leaders nods in content at each other and headed back to their territories to rest and wait for the next day for the ceremony.

The Marriage

It's the next day. A big day for everyone as Kate and Garth will be married and with that, unites the two rival packs. They all settled down in the middle of the valley and the two young Alphas walks up to a stone slab. Tony walks from his pack to sit beside Winston and Eve, showing respect and bows. When he noticed how slow this was going, he signals garth to speed it up.

Frustrated on what's going on, Tony orders his pack to attack and take the valley. And so the fight begins..At the last part of the ritual, Kate hesitates. Everyone was shocked about it. She later reveals that she fell in love with an Omega, doubling the reaction. Tony then walks out and cackles at it, not believing it cause "it's against pack law", but then, Garth also announced that he is in love with an Omega too. Tony was shocked about it and rages at Winston "What have you done to my son?!" But Winston is just as confused, and asks Eve to help out on this situation. She nods and faints.

The Stampede

As the fight continued, something triggered the caribou at the top of the valley to go rampant, and started a Stampede. When they heard Kate warning them of the Stampede, the two leaders shouted out to the other wolves and urged them to the sides of the valley.

While running to the sides, Tony had a cracked disk and couldn't move, Winston came over to Tony to see what happened. He tells him; 'It's that darn disk in my back!' Figuring out what to do, Winston slapped Tony's back, straightening him and fixed the problem, but it was too late to go to the sides. Their only hope was to outrun the herd of trampling caribou.

The running is tiring out the two old wolves as they try and outrun the crushing hooves of the Stampede, but they kept on going. Tony was losing his stamina but Winston tells him to move faster. When it seemed all hopeless, they spot Kate and Humphrey flying by them on a log. They landed and made cover using the log they rode into, saving the two Alpha leaders. But with a deadly cost.

The Requiem

After the stampede, an unconscious Kate lies there. As the wolves gathered, the day turned darker. Soon, Humphrey howls in Requiem for Kate the and others joined in. Tony was the last to howl but his howl shows his mourning clearly.

After the Howling, a miracle made Kate wake up. As soon as that happened, the two young lovers(Kate and Humphrey) started sharing their secrets. Winston, having of thought up the Alpha and Omega marriage, thinks that this will work out. Tony knew exactly what he meant and hesitates. But after a threatening growl from Eve, he quickly agreed to allow Lilly and Garth to marry.

All wolves cheered. And the two 'retired' leaders discussed what to do in the future. Then, Marcel and Paddy came to introduce Golf to the two old wolves.


Tony was seen at the last Moonlight Howl. He was apparently a talented howler, attracting wolves of all ages to enjoy his spectacular show with Mooch and Salty as the background howlers. They make a good team!


Like Winston, he is an Alpha leader that tries his best to lead the pack. He is also short-tempered as he seemed quite angry when Winston made the comment, "You are one crazy wolf.".

He would avoid violence if possible but he will fight if needed, urging Winston to tell his daughter to marry Garth.


  • His tail is really gray, assuming he's really old.
  • The film was dedicated to the memory of Dennis Hopper, the voice actor of Tony.
  • In the book, it says that he is bigger than Winston, while in the movie, Winston is just slightly bigger.
  • Tony suffers from a slipped disk, which may be because of his age. This condition almost cost him his life during the stampede, as his disk gave way preventing him from running, and he needed to be saved.
  • Despite being the antagonist of the movie, Tony should not be viewed as evil, seeing his controversial actions during the movie can be seen as him resorting to desperate measures, to ensure that his pack have food. Also the look of remorse in his eyes during what appeared to be Kate's death shows that he is not completly heartless.


  • "Take the valley"!
  • "I didn't want it to come to this".
  • "Howling with an Omega are we"?
  • "Unite the packs"!
  • "My pack has to eat!"(Deleted line)
  • "I won't let my pack starve to death"!