Lilly is a really beautiful, witty pure white Omega and is Kate's sister. She is also the love of Garth's life (mate). Lilly did have her fur covering her eye in the beginning. By the end of the movie she wears her hair back.


Now thats a howl.


Canine (Omega)


Canis Lupus(Wolf)




Jasper Park, Canada




Omega(Before), Leader(?)




Garth(Mate), Kate(Sister), Humphrey(Brother-in-law), Winston(Father), Eve(Mother), Tony(Father-in-law)

== Lilly is a shy very Omega, but she could be fun, funny and playful as well, Seeing when she did turtle jokes with Garth.==


She has quite low self-esteem, while no one truely knows why. She hardly talks to others and seems to always keep to herself. She also lacks confidence in herself, when Garth told her to try practicing hunting with him, she shrinks back into the tall grass and says that she's not any good at hunting.

She is also quite encouraging. She taught Garth how to howl properly and encourages him a lot. Her personality can be described as the exact opposite of Kate's.


Pup life

In the movie, Lilly's debut is when Kate is playing with her pretending Lilly was a running caribou and Kate was hunting her

about to pounce.You could tell that she was an Omega right away and her first lines were "I'm not a caribou! I'm your little sister!" and "Omegas don't play like this!" a she was trying to run away from Kate.

All Grown Up

After a winter, she has grown up, a playful funny omega, which is quite good! While in the den waiting for dinner, Lilly is seen playing with her tail. Later that night was the Moonlight Howl, and she is seen walking down with

When Kate and Garth were about to greet each other, Humphrey drops down from the tree to sabotage their meeting.(Out of jealousy.) He jokes around but was shoo'd away by Kate, Lilly takes him away and then leaves him when he sat by the lake.Kate by her side. Of course, Kate stands out more for her 'hotness'. They were discussing about Garth while on their way. They both looked at Garth in awe when they first seen him; Handsome, strong, 'An Alpha's Alpha!' type of wolf he is.

The Meeting of the Two Packs

When Kate went missing, the two packs met at the Border stream. They discussed and were ready to fight. Just when things became tense, Lilly suggests to her raging mother that she could show.

Lilly and Garth walked around for awhile, touring the whole Western section, they came to a place Lilly calls "Rabbit Poo Mountain", joking that it is because it is where rabbits like to poo, making Garth jump around making sure not to step on any. She tells him that she was kidding, and Garth then notices that she's a funny Omega and asks her to make him laugh. She first walks in front of him, thinks for a second then drops down on her back and The Tour and Love

Garth around until she comes back. Both packs agreed on Lilly's suggestion, but Tony gave them a deadline; until the full moon, which is two to three days and two nights away. Garth was forced to accept the suggestion by Eve and goes walking off with Lilly.

waves her four legs around asking "What am I?" When Garth couldn't answer, she gives it out; "It's a turtle who can't get up!" making Garth laugh a bit. A second after the first one, she stands back up and drops back down, this time on her belly and asked again. Garth couldn't think fast enough and she answers "It's turtle roadkill!" Garth was entertained, but he asked if she could do more, she merely answers "I just do turtles." Garth then says it's his turn to show his Alpha skills, she wasn't so sure. She asks if her mother would approve, Garth answers yes and they both walked off to a new location for the Alpha tricks. The second day is when Garth shows her the Alpha tricks he made for stalking prey, she was so impressed that her tail wagged a lot. Garth then tries to teach her, which didn't go so well. At one, she readies the pounce stance, two, she adjusts her shoulder for best pounces, on three she hesitates but a second later she leaps, missing her target and getting stuck in a tree. She breaks free but the part of the log she broke off was still on her back, making her look like a turtle, spinning on the ground on her back then nearly lost balance when she stood back up.

When Garth saw this, he guessed "A turtle, right?" Embarrassing Lilly, she hides under her 'shell' telling him, "I told you I can't hunt.." Garth was then thinking an idea to cheer her up. He removes the log piece and helps Lilly pull her fur back, revealing her beautiful lavender eyes to him. At that moment, it's clear that love begins to build within the pair as Garth compliments that her eyes were beautiful. They then continued practicing. Later at night, Garth suggests Lilly to help him with his howl. She agrees and they went to the Howling Rock to practice it. When Garth let out the first howl, it's near unbearable, making birds drop from the sky above. After trying other methods to practice his howl, Lilly then finally tells him how. She tells him to take a deep breath,

After the howling, Garth warns Lilly, telling her to go alert her father. She asks why then notices Tony and the Eastern wolves coming from the woods below. She ran as fast as she could and finds the whole Western pack assembled. She alerts them, telling them that the Eastern wolves are coming.then she placed a paw on his chest and said "Howl from right here." which is the heart then says that she'll join in. Naturally, he begins to howl slowly; getting better and better at it, he was joined by Lilly and they howled a wonderful duet.

The Conflict

The two packs meet in a rocky valley, both ready to fight. Garth and Lilly were separated. When tensions started rising slowly, Lilly's sister Kate appeared. After welcoming back Kate and Humphrey, Kate immediately announces Garth and her marriage and uniting the packs. Caught by surprised, Lilly's heart begins to break. When the two packs were leaving, Garth was unable to go to Lilly.

=== It was early morning, and Lilly is helping Kate get ready. Kate's comments on Garth would make Lilly mad, she would cone Kate's tail too fast and bite into the cone until the cone explodes from pressure of her teeth. Envying, she hangs her head low in sadness. Kate notices that she's wearing her fur back but Lilly misunderstands the comment and walks away, leaving her fur to cover her left eye again.===

The Marriage

Later, she was sitting next to her parents at the mating ceremony. Her heart breaks more and more as the ceremony goes on. At the last part where Kate and Garth were going to rub noses to symbolize that they'll be mates, she nearly cried, but Kate hesitates and pulls back. She then later admits to everyone that she fell in love with an Omega,(Humphrey) and that gave Garth the courage to also announce that he too, is in love with an Omega which is her. They were seen chatting and nuzzling while the pack leaders argue.

She was not seen in the fight.

Stampede and Finale

She was running away with Garth when the Stampede came in. Then they're not seen until after the stampede. Her sister's 'death' was sad indeed so she howls thirdly in requirem for her. All other wolves soon joined in and

Later that night, they are seen near a cliffside/waterfall and Garth made a beautiful howl. After that, they nuzzled and enjoyed their view.then after the howl, a miracle made Kate woke up from unconsiousness. Overhearing that the leaders agreed on letting her and Garth marry, she leaps at Garth in joy and without any hesitation rubbed noses to symbolize that they're mated.

Lilly is pure white, yet none of her parents seem to have the genes for white fur.


  • Lilly is quite shy in the beginning of the movie,but in the end she isn't because of marrying Garth.
  • Lilly has violet eyes, the only one too!
  • The love-story of Lilly and Garth is like Romeo and Juliet except no one died.


  • "I'm not a caribou, I'm your sister!"
  • "Omegas don't play like this!"
  • "Come on Humphrey let's go eat some bitter berries."(in a disappointed voice.)
  • "Uh... Would my mother approve?"
  • "If you like that sort of thing, big, brawny, and perfect."
  • "Garth!"
  • "Now that's a howl."
  • "Howl from right here ... and I'll join in."
  • "Oh sorry."
  • "I just do turtles."
  • "Uh Mom since Kate Stood up Garth, may i show him around until she returns?"
  • "I told you im not much of a hunter