Kate is a very strong, Alpha. She is also Lilly 's sister and Humphrey 's mate. Her mother is Eve and her father is Winston .

Grrrrl Power




Canis Lupus(Wolf)




Jasper Park, Canada




Alpha, Leader(?)




Humphrey(Mate), Lilly(Sister), Garth(Brother-in-law), Winston(Father), Eve(Mother), Tony(Father-in-law)


Kate is a strict Alpha that always take things so seriously. Whenever Humphrey is in trouble, she'll be there to get him out of it!

Kate also has a great sense of responsibility and personality, even when she's in love with Humphrey, she'd still marry Garth to unite the two Wolf packs and prevent war.

She is also quite loyal to her loved ones. During the mating ceremony, she stops at the final part of the marriage and admits that she can't do it and in love with an Omega(Humphrey), meaning her love is stronger than her responsibility, yet they both balance in her personality.


Kate was really really close friends with Humphrey when they were still pups. But Alpha school got in between, and so did the pack-law. Later on they consider themselves as just friends.

Pup Life


Uncomfortable Kate


Young Kate

It was nearly time for Alpha School and Kate can be seen chasing her sister, Lilly, pretending she was a caribou.

After graduation from Alpha School, Kate forms a hunting party with Hutch , Can-Do , and two other Alpha wolves. They were about to go in for the kill when Eastern Wolves jumped out from the opposite side of the caribou, triggering them to run off and later started a stampede. Kate then tells her party to scatter to the sides to avoid getting trampled and she did the same, only that she did flips and lands on the cliffside where Humphrey and the other Omega boys were watching.While play-chasing and pretending to be hunting caribou, she met up with Humphrey, who is log-sledding. They both jumped and hugged eachother in mid-air but it turned out to make them spin down to the ground. After that, her father tells her that it's time for Alpha school. And so she leaves Humphrey for training.

Trying to find a way to save the Eastern fools, she begins to take action, jumping on and over the stampeding herd, she grabs the two Eastern wolves and throws them behind a log for safety.

Her hunt ruined by the Eastern wolves, and a sad Kate follows her father back to the den. There, her family was beginning to eat their dinner when Hutch came and brought Can-do to the den for healing. Looking down from the den, Kate sees Humphrey making jokes to keep the mid-ranking wolves entertained.

Overhearing and the meeting of Garth

While wandering around the territory, Kate catches his father and Tony 's secret meeting at the river boundary. She overhears her arranged marriage with the Eastern Pack's Leader's son named Garth and grew a bit nervous, but accepts it as it is her responsibility.

Later at night, Kate prepares to meet this-- 'Garth'. Before heading for the Moonlight Howl , her mother Eve gives her advice, telling her; "If Garth get's out of line, take those beautiful teeth of yours- Go for the throat and don't let go until the body stops shaking" which disturbs Kate, eyeing her father for help. The moon is now high, and all wolves are at the Howling Rock. Kate and Lilly walk and chats about meeting Garth , of course she didn't expect Garth to be a handsome wolf he is and hesitates a bit when meeting him. But just before they could talk more besides their greets, Humphrey drops down from the tree and interrupts their meeting, joking around like he always does. After that, Kate shoo's Humphrey away and continues on to howl with Garth, where she learns that his howl is terrible.

Wolfnapped and Idaho

After escaping from Garth's terrible howl to avoid being embarrassed, she gets surprised by Humphrey and growls at him in frustration. When Humphrey asks where's "Barf" referring to Garth, Kate corrects him and says that they're taking a 'break'. Of course, Humphrey teases her, making her more and more frustrated until rangers from Idaho tranquillized both of them.

When they woke up, they find themself in cages, trapped. She struggles her hardest, hoping to escape, waking Humphrey up in the process. They were later released in an unknown wilderness, and they darted straight ahead, leaving the rangers that released them behind.

Since they didn't eat Marcel and Paddy, they owe them a favor and decides to help them get back to Jasper. Only a few moments of walking, they reached a cabin where Debbie and Garn were ready to pack up and head for Jasper. But was delayed by the dancing the human couple did to the song 'Me and You ', they were forced to partially mimic their dances to get over to the backside of their traveling truck. They quickly jumped into the back when they got the chance.After awhile of running, they stopped to a halt and finds out that they're not in Jasper anymore. There, they met Marcel and Paddy, and learned that they were relocated here to 'repopulate' making Kate feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, Humphrey looked quite happy about it. But Kate wants to go back to Jasper, saying that there's something really important.

Trip back Home

While traveling, Garn would turn up the radio and listen to music, as Humphrey enjoys it, Kate tends to ignore it and try to sleep. During her sleep, her dream turns to a nightmare as wolves are fighting all around her. She wakes up to find that Humphrey's still goofing off and continues to sleep afterwards.

Hours later, she wakes up to find out she was dressed in some human clothes and shakes them off. Looking over at Humphrey, she sees that he's acting awkwardly. Humphrey says he has to go and so she let's him but little did she know that Humphrey get's delayed by cupcakes. Worse, another truck stops between Humphrey and Kate, making it impossible to see what's happening. When the truck blocking the view moved away, she saw the human already pointing a gun at Humphrey and dashes forward, knocking down the gun holder and running away with Humphrey. They were safe but at the cost of their ticket home.

Later, she was quite mad. Humphrey tries to cheer her up but fails to do so. When Humphrey decided to 'reverse' his rain dance, she got a chance to leave him alone and continue her way back to Jasper. As she went by, she encounters a mudslide and attempts to cross it. But the slippery sides prevents her from getting on the other side and traps her. At that moment, Humphrey plans out a way to save her, swinging on a vine and telling her to grab his tail, screaming a comediacal tarzan yell on the way. She did so clamping, as Humphrey put it, her Alpha jaws onto his tail. After she got swung to the other side safely, she mistakens a pile of mud as Humphrey. Scared, she attempts to save that 'Humphrey', accidently pulling a bushy tail-like branch off, mistaking it for Humphrey's tail. She jumped when he heard Humphrey behind him, all fine and gives a small laugh of discomfort. They both agreed to find a dry and comfy place to rest.

As they walked up the mountain, Kate challenges Humphrey to a race, when Kate reached the top, she turns to look and finds no Humphrey until she was hit by a snowball. Humphrey laughs and announces "Omega one, Alpha zero!" making Kate go wild, kicking snow all over him. Humphrey then mentions "Well look who's having fun." making Kate feel embarrassed, she then walks to the other side, leaving Humphrey to play with a bear cub. Not long after, when she finally spots the train, she hears Humphrey yelling behind. Curious as to what's going on, she goes find out but crashes into him, at that moment she asks what's going on an Humphrey gestures behind her; a bear. She then tells him to stay calm, saying that they could handle this. But right after she said that, two more bears came from the side. And later corners the two wolves to a tree over the cliff. The bear then tries to shake them off, but at the cost of falling himself.They were rudely awaken by Marcel and Paddy. But instead of an apology, they asked why did they ditched their one-way ticket home. Humphrey explains and convinces Marcel and Paddy, revealing another way home; The Canadian Express on the other side of a mountain.

They landed and began sliding down a slope, and the bear is still in pursuit. A moment of being infront, Humphrey comes along on a log. Beckoning her to jump, she did so and Humphrey smiles and says "I told you, you could trust me." she gives an annoyed expression look at him and they continue to slide down the slope. They crashed into a train cart in a nick of time laughing at the fact that they actually made it.

The train ride

Through out the train ride, it was all safe. They continued chatting and laughing for awhile. In a moment later, a bright full moon appears to greet them above the lake they were crossing. Humphrey walks to the side of the car and started to howl, at that moment, Kate knows she's in love with the Omega. Not long later they howled together in a beautiful duet..

She arrived with Humphrey just before they were about to start the battle, and her family runs to welcome her back. She explains what happened and Humphrey adds something that made her mother tick so she started to strangle him. But with a little convincing, Eve stops strangling Humphrey and pulls him up, commenting that he's a 'nice boy'. She later announces to marry Garth and unite the packs, leaving a heart broken Humphrey to sit and stare as she heads back to the den, surrounded by a group of females.After the howl, they both fell asleep. Paddy and Marcel comments that she looks quite pretty when she sleeps. Later, she was waken by Humphrey, telling her that they're in Jasper. It was then that they were ready to share their little secrets. She admits that the whole trip was 'fun' and that he was 'fun'. Of course when Humphrey was about to tell how much he loves her, she guessed that he needed to go again. But then she saw the two rival packs were about to fight. She then makes a dash for it. Humphrey follows immediately afterwards.

Marriage and Stampede

She was later preparing herself for the marriage, with Lilly helping her cone her tail with a pinecone. She comments on Garth, making her sister mad but didn't notice it. She later notices that Lilly is wearing her fur back, but her sister mistaken her comment and walked away sadly. When she wanted to go and cheer her up, a rock landed infront of her and Marcel and Paddy flew down, they gave each other hugs and they congratulates her on her marriage, feigning happiness and covering their disappointment. She asks who told them that and Humphrey came with the answer. They shared a short conversation and Humphrey says he'll be a lone wolf, she replies saying that she knows Humphrey the funloving Omega, not Humphrey the Lone Wolf. He then jokes that he'll be a Funloving Lone Wolf and walked away with a broken heart. She didn't doubt that.

Later, the two packs gathered to start the ceremony, and Kate and Garth both met at the middle on a flat rock, preparing for their marriage. She was asked by Garth if she wants to start first, but then they both agreed to start together. They first accepted each other's scent, then nibbled on each other's ear, but at the final part -

The fight has been going on for awhile, triggering a stampede. Kate was stuck in the middle, not wanting to fight, and could not stop it. But shewasable towarn everyone about the stampede and everyone ran to the sides except for the two leaders; they are trapped. Trying to find a way to save them, out of the bushes came Humphrey. They then found a half-hollow log and used it to slide down to the two old wolves, their ride broke and provided them cover. Kate and Humphrey then crawled their way over the the log, just as they jumped, Kate was hit and left unconscious, Humphrey then risks his life to protect the unconcious Kate, the two older wolves then tries to scare the trampling caribou away from the two young lovers so they could be safe.Where they need to rub noses to symbolise that they are mates- Kate froze in hesitation, everyone wondered why but Garth seems to be happy about it. Winston comes over to ask her daughter why, she then admits awkwardly that she fell in love with an Omega, giving Garth enough confidence to also speak his truth out. But suddenly, the Eastern wolves grew unsatisfied and started the fight.

Requirem and finale

After the huge stampede, Humphrey's heart broke more as he sees his love unsconcious and thought that she's dead.

He then howls in requirem, followed by Winston, then all the wolves. But after the howl, a miracle made Kate wake up, relieving Humphrey of sadness and sorrow. They then both told secrets to each other, Which are unknown to the movie watchers, as Winston

Later the night, the now-united pack celebrates their unity and the marriage of four special wolves; Kate, Lilly, Humphrey and Garth. The howls wereand Tony agrees to let Lilly and Garth marry to unite the packs.

The final howls came from Kate and Humphrey, their duet stands out of the other howls; more beautiful and romantic. They're now mates.

It was a night where a full moon was seen and both Kate and Humphrey seems to be taking a walk, Humphrey tries

Deleted Scene

This may be a scene of the sequel, but it is unsure. Though many say this is just a deleted scene, it is possible that the scene will be used in the get Kate to howl with him but can't get to her, she says she has better things to do so Humphrey asks why. She listed them, including 'survival lessons for the pups' which may be their pups. Of course Humphrey interrupts and calls it 'Boring!' and tells Kate that she 'so need some fun!'. Ignoring him, she continues to walk but she stops when Humphrey howls, even her hair stands up and she doesn't ask what was he doing. But after howling a bit, Humphrey loses his balance and drops off the log and into a ravine. Kate goes to check if he's hurt and finds him safe, she then teases him and said 'That was fun.'


Kate has golden brown fur and eyes to go with it, a white underside and average length hair, her fur is well groomed and her body is fit for an Alpha Female, she is also often seen with a purple-pink flower on special occasions.


  • In her main picture her hair is long , which is a goof because in the movie her hair is actually short
  • She may have been Humphrey's girlfriend before she became an alpha.
  • Her flower that she uses throughout the movie switches spots.(Right side at the first half of the movie; Left side on the other half of the movie.)
  • Out of all the Alphas shown in the movie, only Kate has done flips while jumping/leaping.
  • Her name stands for 'Pure' or 'Popular'.
  • There are two scenes during the movie where the animation briefly switches to cartoon, rather than CGI. These are the only times in the movie this happens, and both involve Kate, sugesting this was done on purpose.


  • " It's Garth (in a warning voice)
  • "I'll meet you at Mars right afer I eat the Milky Way.(dazed from a tranquilizer gun)
  • " You're kinda cute."(giggling while dazed out from tranquilizer gun)
  • "We have to get home, fast."
  • "Yah, where are we."
  • "Lilly stand up." (whispering)
  • "I I....I Fell in love with an Omega?"
  • "Idaho?"
  • "Is everyone looking at us"?
  • "Oh darn. Cause I wanted to tell you something."
  • "Scatter to the sides!"
  • " How's that for a girl's throw?"
  • "Your tail! So sorry..."
  • "Humphrey? What are you doing?
  • " I told you we make a good team."
  • "I think your crazy"
  • "Humphrey, Rain Dances make it rain"
  • "Give it up Humphrey. You never beat me!"
  • "You can't escape the greatest alpha ever!"
  • "Ha! I'll keep that in mind."