Hutch is Winston's second-in-command, partner to Can-do and part of Kate's hunting Party.

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The Second-in-command




Canis Lupus(Wolf)




Jasper Park, Canada







== Present==


Hutch was trained to be an Alpha, just like Kate. After that, he joined Kate's hunting party with Can-do and two other

The Alpha Denunnamed wolves to hunt caribou for dinner. Unfortunately, the hunt was blown by Claw and Scar, two Eastern Pack wolves. Kate ordered the party to flee to the sides to avoid the stampede caused by the Eastern wolves. After that, Hutch checks if Kate was okay after saving the two rival pack wolves, and a moment later Can-do starts a fight with the Eastern wolves and Hutch joins in but stopped at the half of the battle and watches, eventually the fight was stopped by Humphrey and his gang.

Not long after, Can-do was jumped and Hutch brought him to Winston's den so he could recover, when Winston ordered Hutch to alert the Alphas, Hutch confidently said "Already done, sir" showing that he alerted the Alphas before taking Can-do to the den. === Later on, Kate went missing and the Western Pack was searching for her. With no results after searching the entire territory, Hutch asks Winston what they should do. The answer was clear: They needed to fight.===

Missing of Kate

Full Moon

It was the full moon, and both rival packs gather at the rocky outcrops of a valley, preparing for battle. Hutch can be seen scratching at the rock he stands, growling at the opposite pack.

Marriage to Finale

Hutch and Can-Do both sits beside the Alpha leaders at the wedding, they didn't talk or anything. They were not seen since then until after the stampede. There, Hutch and the rest of the wolves howls for the loss of Kate. When Kate wok up and both her and Humphrey shared secrets, all the wolves looked at them.

Hours later, Hutch is seen listening to Tony's howls with a group of spectator wolves.


He is a Brave and loyal Alpha, worthy of second-in-command. His precautions were the first hints, his loyalty to Winston is exceptional. He welcomes humour from time to time, a good example is the fight they got into after the failed hunt where Humphrey jokes after breaking up the fight. == Hutch's facial markings are unique and seems tribal or maybe even spiritual.==


  • Though being a minor character, Hutch still has a huge range of fans!
  • Hutch has qualities of a Beta, despite being viewed as an Alpha - on the DVD the Wolves in the WIld feature, a clip of Hutch is shown when Betas are mentioned. From this it can be assumed that Lionsgate may have intended for him to be a Beta, and then either altered the character, or simply chose not to mention it.


  • "Already done, sir."
  • "Can-do was jumped, by a group of Eastern Wolves."
  • "No sign of Kate, sir."
  • "Are you all right?"