Humphrey is a Omega wolf of the Western Wolf Pack of Jasper Park and Kate's mate, but was not supposed to be according to original pack law. He is also very funny.

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Canis Lupus(Wolf)




Jasper Park, Canada








Kate(Mate), Winston(Father-in-Law), Eve(Mother-in-Law), Lilly(Sister-in-Law), Garth (Brother-In-Law)

== Humphrey is a fun-loving Omega. Some might also descibe it as Freedom-loving and fun.==


He has had a crush on Kate since they were pups! Through out the movie, he helps Kate return to Jasper showing that he has exeptional loyalty and truely cares for Kate, taking him back to the one place where they cannot be together.

He is always fun and playful, starting humorous topics and making little jokes. He is also quite intelligent, he can think up a plan within seconds and was able to convince Marcel for another way to get back to Jasper Park. His best friends are Shakey, Salty, and Mooch, and is mated with Kate.


Pup life

Humphrey is a funny

playful pooch of the Western Pack, and the main male character of the movie, he first appeared when log-boarding with his friends; Salty, Shakey, and Mooch. The three were thrown out when the log bumped on a rock, leaving

Humphrey the only one left on the sled, trying to control the log board himself. There, he spots Kate and jumps out of the log board and hugs her midair, but then they both flew to the ground. Afterwards, Kate's father get's her going to Alpha School, and leaves Humphrey behind. This makes Humphrey really sad! He tells Humphrey to learn to keep the peace and remind the pack to have fun, also reminding him that Alphas and Omegas can't mate because that's the law of the pack.

A long winter later, he and his gang masters log boarding but crashes into a boulder, sending them catapulted to a valley where they found Kate and her hunting group. Humphrey seems to still have a crush on Kate even with the Pack Law stuck between them, his friends reminds him that she's an Alpha. While watching Kate hunt, with humphrey nearly drooling, they spotted Eastern hunters coming from the

Moonlight Howlother side, ruining the Western's hunt and triggering a stampede. Kate got to safety but seeing that the Eastern wolves are still trapped, she jumps over Humphrey and the other Omegas and rescues them. After the stampede went away, the rest of the Western hunting group starts a fight with the East, but the Omegas came to the rescue.

During the Moonlight howl, every wolf has a partner except for Humphrey and his gang. Failing to find a partner, Salty taunts Humphrey to get a partner if he was 'that good'. Humphrey just waves away that taunt and confidently says "the next girl to come up that hill, she's mine".

Overhearing the two's conversation, he thought of a plan to sabotage Kate and Garth's meeting. When Garth came down to meet with Kate, Humphrey disturbs them and jokes around but was later shoo'd away by Kate. Depressed, he sat near a pond and mutters to himself but not long later, he hears Kate walking away from the Howling rock and took the opportunity to get her.But unexpectedly, Kate and her sister Lilly came up from behind the hill, surprising Humphrey and his gang. Of course, Humphrey admires her beauty and even imagined dating her. He then got up and tried to go meet her but his friends stops him and again, reminds him of the Pack rules. Reluctantly, he agrees and says that he's kidding. But his face shows otherwise, so they tried to cheer him up by a wolf-pile, leading to Humphrey getting thrown off into a tree above the two ladies.

Trip to Idaho

After teasing Kate for awhile, they were unexpectedly tranquilized and was taken to Sawtooth National Wilderness, Idaho. Free from the cages, they darted straight away into the new wilderness. There, they found out that they were not in Jasper, and met Marcel and Paddy, first seeing them when they were playing golf, with marcel's golf ball nearly hitting them in the head.

During their encounter, Marcel tries to trick them and run away but failed to do so as Humphrey grabs his legs and refused to let go, trying to impress kate. He didn't let go even after all the bumping and crashing. After the chase, Humphrey finally got the goose to answer their questions. When Paddy tells them that they're left here to 'repopulate', both of their jaws dropped, but only Humphrey's is out of excitement, instead of surprise. When they were asked if they were together, Humphrey almost said yes but Kate clamped his mouth shut and

After a bit of convincing, they got the two birds to help them get back to Jasper. Only a few moments of walking, they reached a cabin where Debbie and Garn were ready to pack up and head for Jasper. But was delayed by the dancing the human couple did to the song 'Me and You', they were forced to partially mimic their dances to get over to the backside of their travelling truck.

Trip back home

They got it the humans' travelling truck and hoped the best to reach home fast. During their ride, Garn would turn the radio up with various songs including 'On the Loose Again', Humphrey would dance and play air-guitar to it.

A while later, when it was night, Kate wakes up from her nap to see Humphrey whining, wanting to 'go'. Kate let's him, but his nose thought for him at that moment. He was led to a package of cupcakes, they were irresistable.

Not happy with Humphrey, Kate decides to go home no matter what. Humphrey tries to cheer her up but fails and nearly lost sight of her. When Kate attempted to cross a mud-slide and got stuck, it was Humphrey who came to the rescue now, asking her to hold on to his tail with her jaw so he could swing them to safety. After the event, Kate mistakened a pile of muddy debris for Humphrey and was scared when she thought she pulled out his tail. But Humphrey assures her from behind that he's fine and they both went to find a place for shelter.

The next morning, Marcel and Paddy wakes them up and blabbers about why they ditched their chance of going home. Humphrey explains; he was distracted by a cupcake. And now the wolves asks if there's another way. But Marcel seems quite mad. Fortunately, Humphrey is smart enough to convince Marcel to find another way and so they mention a train called the Canadian Express that shoots right by Jasper Park. And the train is over a mountain.

The train ride

And so they journey up the mountain. There, Humphrey meets a mischevious Bear Cub and they played a bit, but Humphrey played a bit too rough and got the cub crying- which angered the cub's parents and so they chase him. When they finally reached the other side of the mountain, they were trapped between the "Cliff and the claws" and so Humphrey decided to try and joke his way out. But the plan failed and so they were cornered to a dead tree at the very edge of the cliff. When the tree was snapped they fell, so did one of the three big bears, which is then that they slid their way to the train, Humphrey and Kate log-boards their way to the Canadian Express just in the nick of time.

On the train, they laughed and chattered the events they just got through. Awhile later, they take their view on a

full moon. At that moment, Humphrey walks to the edge of the cart and howls at it and asks Kate to join him. Of course, Kate hesitates for a second, not sure if she should do so, as it would be breaking pack law, but Humphrey's howling touched her and made her subconsiously realise that Humphrey is her true love and so they both howled together for a time. After the howl, they fell asleep, but Humphrey was woken up by the two golf-loving fowls. Not wanting to disturb Kate while she sleeps, Humphrey asks them to stay quiet, which they didn't but she sleeps through it anyway. Marcel reminds him that Jasper is only a few miles away and warns them not to miss it, and then gets intercepted by a billboard. Humphrey get's it and waits it out for the rest of the train ride.

Just when the matters of the fight were getting worse, Kate appears with Humphrey and they both stops the fight. Kate explains and Humphrey adds that they were suppose to repopulate, which angered Eve and nearly got himself strangled by her. But a little convincing from Kate saved Humphrey's life from her mother.Seeing the Jasper Park sign pass by, Humphrey reluctantly wakes Kate up and tells her that they're in Jasper. In that time, they were going to tell eachother their feelings. But when Kate saw the two rival packs are beginning to start their battle, Kate leaps off the train and runs towards them, leaving Humphrey unable to tell her that he loves her. But nonetheless, Humphrey follows.

Without any much of hesitation, Kate announces her marriage with Garth and unite the packs, leaving a heart-broken Humphrey sitting in the valley as the rest of the two packs left.

The marriage and fight

While Kate was preparing herself, Humphrey tells Marcel and Paddy about her marriage, convincing them to congratulate Kate. Kate was wondering who told them and Humphrey came to answer it. When they both met, the two birds flew off to leave them for their private chat. A moment later, Humphrey performs a magic trick and tucks a flower behind her ear, and announces good-bye to her. Shocked, Kate asks why, but Humphrey just

Already a few hours, the Express finally came, and Humphrey was about to jump on it, but his love and loyalty to kate compells him from doing so, and so he heads back towards the marriage. But by the time he got there, a stampede is there and he bumps into Kate. Thinking of a plan to save the two Leaders- Tony and Winston - from the stampede, Humphrey thought up log boarding and so they log-boarded and saves the two leaders but it was paid with a heavy price. shrugs it off and says that it's a lone wolf kind of thing. Kate was not so sure about it, and adds that she knows Humphrey the fun loving Omega, not Humphrey the lone wolf. But the already heart-broken Humphrey lies and said he'll be a fun-loving lone wolf and walks off.

Requirem and Finale

Kate was caught in the stampede and lost conciousness, Humphrey then risks his own life to cover Kate, taking the hooves of the stampeding caribu for kate. After the stampede was over, Humphrey nudges Kate in hopes that she's alive but there was no response. Sobbing,

he finally said what he wanted to say on the train; 'I love you' and howls in requirem for her. Not long later, every wolf followed suit. After the howling, a miracle got Kate to wake up, and as soon as that happened, they both said their commitment to each other and got married at the very spot, as so did Lilly and Garth.

Later that night, the now united pack howls in celebration of their unity and the marriage of the four new leaders of Jasper Pack; Kate, Lilly, Humphrey and garth! The final howls came from Kate and Humphrey- the two of the new four leaders.(Presumed) Their duet is spectacular!

Deleted Scene

This is a deleted Scene showing Kate and Humphrey walking around. They look older and have longer hair. Here, Humphrey asks Kate to howl at the moon with him which is a full moon. Kate says that she has better things to do. So, Humphrey asks what other things could she be doing at the moment. she then listed a bunch of stuff including Tracking Caribou, Survival class for the pups(Maybe their own pups?) and before she could go any further, Humphrey jumps infront and interrupts her, saying "Boring! You so need some fun!"

She comes over to check and he replies that he's okay. And with that, she comments "That was fun" and walks off. Humphrey respondes with "...I meant to do that!" but remains lying there.Kate just ignores that and continues to walk. He then thought up an idea, he faces to the moon and starts to howl, making Kate's fur stick up and look back with a smile. He continues his howling but lost balance and fell into the ravine, scaring Kate a bit.

This may be a scene for Alpha and Omega 2. Though most say it's just a deleted scene, it may be used for the sequel.


  • On the movie box Humphrey is riding on the log with Kate in the water. This is a goof because in the movie, Kate and Humphrey never actually go logboarding in water.
  • People had thought that Winston and Humphrey are related due to their simular appearances, but during the movie it is comfirmed they were not.
  • Humphrey and Kate were captured and sent to Sawtooth National Wilderness(Park) to repopulate the area; A may-be reference to the 1991-1996 Sawtooth Pack Project by Jim Dutcher.
  • It is now unkown what rank is Humphrey after the marriage, an Alpha or an Omega?
  • The name Humphrey means 'Keeper of Peace', which fits his role as an Omega.


  • "Great! Cause I'm about to lose mine. *Ready to barf* I'll try to swallow it."
  • "Well look who's back from Alpha School."
  • "Take those Alpha jaws of yours and-OW! My tail!"
  • "Oh, sounds good to me."
  • "Lower The Boom!"
  • "Where's Barf?"
  • "No I always like to take a break - ten minutes into a howl."
  • "Yeah, but it sure does... ROCK!"
  • "I love you"
  • "I thought I lost you"
  • "They can eat um ... Berries ! They're really ... nutricious"
  • "Oh please! The next girl to come up that hill, she's mine!"
  • "I think I'll stick to meat, thank-you." (Only said in the book)
  • Idawho?
  • He's not a stud, but he's um a dud oh yeah thats right isnt he?
  • Come on Kate howl at the moon with me.
  • A boo would of sufficed.
  • You know we make a pretty good team.
  • All sounds good to me.
  • "Ready?"

Appearance He is an average Gray Omega, not well-built but average for an Omega. He has Blue-ish-Gray fur with a white-gray underbelly, a white face with a gray stipe down to the nose and ice-blue eyes.