Garth is big and a very strong Alpha with a not so great howl. Luckily his beloved mate, Lilly, teaches him how to howl properly, and greatly!

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So...Was it good enough for you?




Canis Lupus(Wolf)




Heir(Before), Sub-Leader(?)


Jasper Park, Canada






Lilly(Mate), Kate(Sister-in-law), Humphrey(Brother-in-law), Tony(Father), Winston(Father-in-law), Eve(Mother-in-law)

== Garth is a great muscular and a really fit Alpha with a bit of an Arrogant Streak some times. He is quite a leader type, showing a few skills of a future leader. He loves to. show show off most of the time!==


He loves to show off a lot in front of others, like the time when he shows off his training, lifting up a very heavy log with his back, and showing his new move for stalking prey for Lilly. He also tries to act as if his howl were great in front of Kate.

Garth is also quite soft at times, Showing sensitivity to Lilly and others.


He is first seen at the first Moonlight Howl of the movie...

=== He was seen standing at the very top of the Howling rock overlooking the valley. Kate and Lilly were staring at him in awe and that's when he noticed them and recognized Kate. He goes down to meet her but was interrupted by Humphrey, who fell out of a tree. Humphrey joked around as usual but was countered by Garth when he asked "Who's the coyote?" When Humphrey was about to reply, he was stopped by Kate and she shoos him off, leaving Lilly to take care of 'Little coyote Humphrey' and walked to the top of the Rock with Garth.Moonlight Howl and Meeting Kate===

[1]Kate then asks him to tell something about himself; "What does Garth like to do?" He then thinks of something and then he goes off and starts totally showing off and shows how he works out. Rabbit Sprints, tree squats...He didn't notice that everyone nearby were looking at him weirdly.

Two Pack's Meeting and LillyWhen they reached the top, Garth then tries his howl. It was terrible. It was so terrible, it made birds drop down from the skies above, the sound rendering them unconsious. Trying not to show his embarrassment, he asks Kate; "So...Was it good for you?" The comment startled Kate. She then tries to ditch Garth and made an excuse, and Garth somewhat believed it and waited for her.

Later the next day, the two rival packs meet at the stream border. They were arguing alot, mainly about why kate left and who's fault it was. As it continued, Eve steps in and threatens the entire Eastern pack, cause a wolf to faint and everyone to back off a bit. Then, Lilly suggested to show Garth around since Kate has 'stood him up'. He then grumbles to himself; "I wouldn't say stood up...I mea-" he was forced to go with Lilly's suggestion and the two went off for the tour.

The Tour and Love

They have been touring for a while and they reached a small hill Lilly calls 'Rabbit Poo Mountain'. He asks her why is it called that, what she answered made him hop around, avoiding what he thinks could've been Rabbit droppings. When he reached to where Lilly is, he could hear her laughing. That's when he get's it. She's a funny Omega and he asks her to try and make him laugh.

So, after Lilly's performance on how well an Omega she is, Garth decides to show her his alpha skills. Lilly asks if her mother would approve and he is certain she would. So they walked off 'Rabbit Poo Mountain' and headed to a different location for his awesome skills as an Alpha.She then walks in front of him and thinks for a second and drops down on her back, and swinging her four legs around and asked him what is she. Garth couldn't really guess it, since he's not familiar with such movements and finally admits he doesn't know, and so Lilly tells him; "It's a turtle that fell and couldn't get up!" Garth was amused by it and asked for another one, she then drops down on her belly, staying still and her tongue out and asks him again. He was still thinking but Lilly then tells him; 'It's turtle roadkill!' and made him chuckle. He then asks if she could do anything else, she replies that she just do turtles.

The next day, Garth showed Lilly his new move that he made for stalking prey, he leaps on a log and spins a medium branch with his back legs, then kicks it and it split into nine seperate pieces and piled up neatly. His move made Lilly very excited, she wagged her tail alot and complimented. He then asks Lilly to try leaping/pouncing, that made her shrink back into the grass.

After a little encouragement, he shows Lilly the stances before the leap/pounce. One, prowl low on the ground,

When Garth got there, Lilly had already pulled herself out, but she fell backwards and started spinning on the wooden piece that came off with her, Garth joked asking; "A turtle, right?" But Lilly just slumps under the piece and says that she can't hunt. Thinking of a way to cheer her up, he turns over the wooden piece Lilly was hiding under and pulls her fur up; 'Maybe this will help' and with that, he saw the most beautiful things he have seen; Lilly's violet eyes. Their trail to love has just begun. They then practiced more until the sun gave way for the moon.two -position your shoulders for best pounce/leap, three-- jump! Lilly hesitates at frist but later leaps blindly and accidentally gets stuck in a tree.

Later at night, Garth suggests for her to improve his howl, so they went to the Howling Rock. There, Garth starts his first howl and of course, a bird falls from the sky, unconcious. Lilly then asks him to continue practicing. Then, Lilly asks Garth to first take one deep breath, then howl from his heart which he did, and he found his howl to be much much better than before. Probably better than most other howls. They then howled together in a wonderful duet for a while.

Just as they stopped howling, a twig snapped and Garth sees his pack coming. He urges Lilly to go back to her pack and warn them.

The Return of Kate

Later that night, the two packs awaited for their Alpha Leaders' orders. Lilly and Garth were seperated, unable to be together.


Then, when it was about time to fight, Kate reappears and announces her marriage to Garth and uniting the packs. Garth wasn't so happy about it but masks his immense disappointment. He wanted to talk to Lilly again, but was forced to move on. There, he leaves a heart-broken Lilly behind.

Later that day, the two packs gather in the valley and watch the mating ritual of Kate and Garth. When stretching, Garth saw his father signaling him to pick up the pace in mating, and so he asks if Kate wants to start first or him. Kate answers for both of them to start and they began together. They first accepted each other's scent, then nibbled on the ears, and at the last part; the rubbing of their noses to symbolize that they're mates. But at that moment, Kate hesitated. She then admits that she's in love with an Omega (Humphrey) and that gave him the chance to also confess that he's also in love with an Omega, which is Lilly.

When the two packs started fight, Garth and Lilly disappeared.

Stampede and Requirem

After the stampede, all the wolves gathered around an unconcious Kate. Garth was seen howling in the crowds of wolves. Kate woke up and Kate and Humphrey started exchanging secrets. Winston and Tony said that theywould demolish the rules about Alphas and Omegas can't mate.


Lilly called Garth's name and she jumped and pinned him to the ground. They then rubbed noses. They were now official mates.

At the end Garth is seen howling a quite remarkable howl. Lilly told him "Now that's a howl". After she said this, They cuddled up. That was the last time Garth and Lilly were shown in the movie.


  • Garth has the worst howl of all wolves, but was taught to howl beautifully later by Lilly.
  • Garth has teal eyes/green eyes. Quite rare for wolves.
  • Garth has a few hairs curled in front of his face, a reference to Superman(maybe)
  • While the movie shows Kate can do flips, they never showed Garth doing them.
  • The name Garth means 'Valiant Defender', quite a handsome name for an Alpha, don't you think?
  • Garth is refered to as "Barf" (meaning "vomit") on two occasions in Alpha and Omega. This is sometimes repeated by fans of the movie.


  • "No worries... I'll just keep my vocal cords warm..."
  • "Kate ?"
  • "Wanna see what an Alpha can do?"
  • "I get it, you're a funny Omega."
  • "Lilly !"
  • "Who's the coyote?"
  • "You'll do great."
  • "I know, It's that good is it?"
  • "You know us Alphas, got to keep fit to lead the packs."
  • "But really gets me going...(howls is famous howl)"
  • "So, was that good for you?"