Don't mess with Eve

One VERY Aggressive Mother




Canis Lupus(Wolf)




Jasper Park, Canada








Winston(Mate), Kate and Lilly(Daughters), Humphrey and Garth(Sons-in-law), Tony(Brother-in-law)

The mother of Kate.

==== Background====

She was at the den when.she said "Whoever did this, let's rip out his tail and shove it down his throat", startling Winston. When he told her it was Eastern wolves, she released a snarl, but then relieved when she heard that the Omegas broke up the fight. After that, she went inside for dinner.

The Full Moon

When Kate went missing, she threatens Tony by "Ripping out his eyes and shove them down his throat so he could see her tear his carcass open", startling every wolf nearby. When Lilly suggests to show Garth around, Eve forces Garth to go with her. After that, they began searching for Kate, and she finds Kate's flower lying in the grasses. When she informs Winston, he soothes her, saying Kate is the finest Alpha he have ever trained, she counters that by replying the same thing.

She was later seen perched at a safe distance with Lilly and watches the two Pack's conflict with concern. Later, Kate came back and she and the rest of her family went to greet her. When she heard the reason why they had been wolfnapped, she attacked Humphrey, fearing the worst. Kate saved Humphrey's life from her mother by telling her that they did nothing of the sort. She then helped Humphrey up and praised him.


She was seen with Winston at the marriage desperately watching as their daughter marries the rival pack's heir to unite both the packs together.

Requiem and Finale

But when Kate hesitated and admited that she's in love with an Omega. She was not seen in the fight after.

When the Stampede that was triggered by the fighting the wolves made was over, an unconcious Kate lies in the middle of the wolves. Humphrey was the first to howl his sorrow, then Winston, then Lilly and Eve. The rest of the

Later that night, she is seen with Winston at the Howling Rock, finding a good spot. When Winston asked her if she's ready, she was overjoyed and started dancing non-stop.wolves followed suit. Later when the howl stopped, a miracle made Kate wake up and they started sharing secrets. Winston then admits that this may work out(Referring to Lilly and Garth's marriage), Tony just hesitates but was later convinced when Eve made a threatening growl at him.


She is a caring mother but overly protective, getting into a killing-mood even the slightest of threats. She treats her daughters like as if they were still pups but others with less compassion.

She's also quite violent, always talking about ripping tails off and shoving them down throats.


  • "Any food..*Kills a fly*..Is a blessing, dear."
  • "Winston, honey. Whoever did this let's rip their tails off and shove them down their throats."
  • "If any of you wolves have hurt my daughter, I will personally RIP out your eyes and SHOVE them down your throat, so you could see my claws TEAR YOUR CARCASS OPEN!"
  • "Not now dear, mommy's in a rage."
  • "Isn't that sweet? She gets it from me."
  • "I'm not. She is also the finest Alpha I've ever trained."
  • "Such a nice boy!"
  • "Kate you're slouching."
  • "Do you see how strong and beautiful you are?"

  • "Do you see how strong and beautiful you are?"